Electricity is the technological impact that gives the power which makes all technological tools run like light, computers, hair dryers, cell phones, fan, etc. There are many concepts in electricity like voltage, current, resistance and many. Here are some formulas we can go through,

Power formula is given by,

P = I$^{2}$R.
Where, I is current,
R is the resistance.

Voltage formula is given by,
V = IR.
Where, I is the current,
R is the resistance.

Resistance formula is given by,
R = $\frac{E}{I}$.
Where, E is the voltage,
I is the current.

Current formula is given by,
I = $\frac{E}{R}$.
Where, E is the voltage,
R is the resistance.

Lets see some solved problems on electricity:

Question 1: If a potential difference of 8V is applied across the conductor having resistance of 100 $\Omega$. Calculate the current flow through it.
Given: Voltage E = 8 v, resistance R = 100 $\Omega$

The current flow is given by,
I = $\frac{E}{R}$

I = $\frac{8}{100}$

I = 8 mA

Therefore, the current flow through the conductor is 8 mA.

Question 2: A current of 10 A flows through a conductor having resistance of 320 m $\Omega$. Calculate its potential difference.
Given: Current I = 10 A, resistance R = 320 m $\Omega$

The potential difference is given by,
V = I R
V = 10 A $\times$ 320 m $\Omega$
V = 3.2 V

Therefore, the potential difference of the conductor is 3.2 V.