A wave is a sort of disturbance that moves at a medium from a particle to particle. It consists of crusts and trough that has amplitude, frequency and wavelength in it. The ocean waves in the form of tides give us the visualization.

The wave formula is given by,
V = f $\times$ $\lambda$.
v is wave speed,
f is frequency,
$\lambda$ is the wavelength .

Below are given some solved examples on wave you can go through:

Question 1: A water wave is having a frequency of 330 Hz and a wavelength of 4 m. Calculate its velocity.
Given: frequency of wave f = 330 Hz, wavelength $\lambda$ = 4 m

The velocity of wave is given by,
v = f $\lambda$
v = 330 Hz $\times$ 4 m
v = 1320 m/s
v = 1.3 km/s

Therefore, the velocity of water is 1.3 km/s.

Question 2: A sound wave moves with the speed of 320 m/s and has wavelength of 30 m.Calculate its frequency.
Given: wave speed v = 320 m/s, wavelength $\lambda$ = 30 m

The frequency of the wave is given by,
f = $\frac{v}{\lambda}$

f = $\frac{320}{30}$

f = 10.66 Hz.

Therefore, the frequency of the wave is 10.66 Hz.